About Us

About Us

TTK Residency was established on August 22, 2022. It was founded by our respectable founder, Velamani, with the goal of building a one-of-a-kind destination that will serve the objective of our guests' visits.

What makes us unique?
We put our guests first. The residency is designed in such a way that you can build lasting memories with your dearest ones. Our craftspeople created the space using the innovative idea of integrating the mahal and residency on one site and made the founder's dream of TTK residency a reality. TTK Residence is more than simply a location; it is a portal to a magnificent, luxurious environment where your desire to spend your vacation in a dreamy setting awaits.

The TTK Residency is a unique place well known for its hospitable services.The TTK Residency is where you can get unmatched warm hospitality and first-rate services. It is located in the heart of Andipatty and acts as the hub for the city's tourism attractions.

To accommodate all of our guests' needs under one roof, we built a spacious banquet hall. The excellent location for holding any type of business conference, meeting, wedding, or suitable event.


We are committed to providing our guests with first-rate amenities that allow them to experience the height of luxury with the ideal fusion of modern and classic design.


Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations and make you feel relaxed and rediscover yourself.